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“The Simply Music Program is a fantastic way to hook kids on piano because it makes them feel successful starting from the very first class. Marcus Hewel has developed a program that honors creativity, which allows kids to adapt the core music they learn to their own tastes. After 3 years with Marcus, my son is playing all his favorite music with style and confidence and is excited to learn more! If you love music, you’ll love the Simply Music Program, and if you think learning to play the piano should be fun, you’ll love Marcus Hewel.”
Beth Eyre, parent

“Simply Music has helped me with my memory. In music class a school, when my teachers give me a song to read I only read it once before I’ve memorized it. Then I can move ahead faster and start teaching other kids. Simply Music has given me tools to be a teacher,helper, and a musician.”
Amelia DeAndreis, student

“Whenever my son sees a piano, no matter where we are, he rushes over to play it. He always plays something wonderful, and inevitably, at least one other parent in the room asks for our teacher’s phone number. Marcus makes music fun for kids, as it should be, and that’s the reason my son loves playing so much. We tried a few teachers before, but no one had the gift the way Marcus does. He’s patient and just firm enough to keep my son on task, but he breathes a certain playfulness into the lessons that leaves my son eager to get up and practice the next morning. I’m a musician as well, so I searched for someone who inherently understands how important it is to really enjoy playing. It’s amazing too, to see how much my son is learning…complex classical songs, enough technique to jump into any blues jam and enough of a foundation to play any song from a song book that includes chords. It’s the perfect combination. We’re still working our way to reading sheet music, but I have no doubt that Marcus will make that seamless as well. I couldn’t be happier.”
Terri Loewenthal, parent

“My daughter has been taking lessons from Marcus for 3 1/2 years now. As a parent, I’ve been appreciative of his engagement with the kids lives, his gentleness, and his use of humor to encourage the kids to play piano. He’s been very flexible with our real life chaotic schedule, and actively involves himself in this approach to teaching piano. My daughter never feels intimidated or bored (both feelings I encountered when I took lessons 30 years ago), and we look forward to continuing with Marcus for years to come.”
Stacia Hatfield, parent